Young people are not as aware of everyday hazards as are older, more experienced adults. Each year over 10,000 teens die and 492,000 are injured seriously enough to require emergency department treatment. An estimated 230,000 working teens may be injured each year. The rate of injury per hour worked is almost twice as high for adolescents as for adult workers.

Our school is committed to the health and well-being of all young people. That said, we are strong-willed to guide them toward an understanding of a 'value-sensed' safety in life.

Young people are better prepared for adulthood when they comprehend the
importance of safety in the home, workplace and at leisure. Please take a look through this site and use it as a reference for promoting safety throughout your daily life. Share it with family and friends. This is an excellent tool available for use in the classroom.

Safety is Up To Everyone!

Explaining the basic principles of health promotion, illness prevention and safety including how to access valid information, products, and services:

Demonstrate basic procedures in injury prevention and emergency care that can be used in the home, workplace, and community (e.g., first aid, CPR).
These safety topics can
be used in the classroom
for extended learning.
Safety Goals